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FLO Bar 2. Patent pending.

Dwarf heirlooms, an orchid, and peppers

If you have ever wanted to have an inside garden, but the cost was too prohibitive, then this should solve that problem. I have been using this kind of light for almost 9 years now. I can't stand flavorless store vegetables, and was lack for homegrown tomatoes for over half the year. Not any more. I am growing them in the hall pantry closet all year now, along with dozens of other vegetables. I was urged to make and patent the unit by other gardeners who are not so skilled in the electrical department, but still wanted the technology. I sell them for $70. If you would like to see it in a store near you, please call them and ask them to carry it. The more requests they get, the more likely they will want to carry it. You can contact me directly between the hours of 10am, and 5pm PST, Mon-Fri with questions at 916-947-0417. You can also email me. For now you can buy them directly from me, and I'll even give you an additonal 5% off if you call, or visit a store, and ask for it first. They are available for nationwide shipping. I am in the process of making and patenting a FLO Bar 3 for larger gardens. In case you are wondering, the FLO Bar1 was made of wood. People didn't care for that.

Some videos about my invention. I achieve a perpetual harvest year round. More videos

Here are some stills. There are 4 kinds of tomato; beefsteak, dark cherry, dwarf golden harvest, and dwarf red heirloom. There are 4 kinds of pepper too; banana, cascabella, jalapeno, and a random kind from a mixed pack. There is also nutribud broccolli, and an orchid we saved. Newest on the top.

Dwarf Red Heirloom

Dwarf Golden Harvest




Full size Cherry Tomato


Evergreen Bunching Onions

Wide shots

Custom growing cabinets for sale.
All shapes, sizes, and woods.

This was done for $25, and later I merely added some white boards for reflectors.

A dwarf Red Heirloom plant getting going under CFLs.

A lot further along. I let them tangle with eachother for support. They hold eachother up quite well most of the time.

Another dwarf red heirloom grown under 6 of the 100watt bulbs in a much whiter room, with more refraction, and reflection.

Ladyfinger carrots, and Evergreen bunching onions grown under CFLs.

This is a starter room. You start your outside plants in this. It takes up very little space. It can fit on ANY counter I have ever encountered. T5 light bar is chain-able. Up to 6 rooms in a row. You can stack them also.

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